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Nea Batera playing drums

Nea Batera - English bio

I was born in Argentina and began studying music at the age of 3; I started with electric piano lessons, then guitar and also studied -and became- a tap dance teacher. But my true love appeared in 2005, when I went to my first drumming lesson ♥. In 2006 I started rehearsing and performing with my first band (yup, a new metal band!), and began teaching drums in 2009.

During my University studies (Psychology), most of the band members of the bands I was playing with, and myself included, were having trouble to find a suitable timeslot for all to practice together and to find enough resources to rehearse, record and play live. Despite this, I was motivated to keep on sharing music with people that was feeling the same passion and love for music than I always had, and decided to do it differently this time: the online social media platforms offered me an online stage, in which I could reach people from all over the world, it was perfect! So here I am =)

Today, more than 10 years since I began playing drums, I’m still totally passionate and determined to keep on sharing this love for the instrument, metal and music in general with everyone.

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